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A survey carried out by the Burren Enterprise Centre group in 2015 revealed a considerable demand for affordable office space in the area, something which is in scare supply locally.  Companies were having to consider re-locating to Galway city to find low-cost, flexible office facilities.  Small companies based outside the larger urban centres often struggle for opportunities to network with potential clients and colleagues, and the survey also confirmed a real need for a sustained programme of opportunities for local entrepreneurs to meet, share information, network and continue to develop their own business skills.

The BEC opened in March 2016.

Working from home can be convenient but there are social and collaborative benefits to working in a shared office space that can help us all be more productive. The benefits to start-up and small business from sharing quality office space are many, including having a professional business space to meet clients; a collaborative working environment with like-minded individuals.

The Burren Enterprise Centre has capacity for 15 hot-desks plus 2 meetings rooms. The capacity has reduced in 2020 with the impact of Covid-19 and the BEC is operating under the full guidelines of the government.

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