Effective 1st September 2020, we will operate a strict 1-person per room policy.

Each room has a google calendar, for each of the 5 rooms can you can book:

  1. “BEC Room 1” – Hot-desk room 1
  2. “BEC Room 2” – Hot-desk room 2
  3. “BEC Room 3” – Larger meeting/conference room.
  4. “BEC Room 4” – Small internal meeting room
  5. “BEC Room 5” – Room opposite the kitchen

How to setup to make bookings

  • Send your google email address to Ger Ryan
  • Google will send an email from burrenec@gmail.com for each of the 5 calendars
  • You need to click “Add this calendar.” from each email (see sample email below)

Hello ger.kinvara@gmail.com,

We are writing to let you know that burrenec@gmail.com has given you access to view events on the Google Calendar called ‘BEC Room 1’.

After adding this calendar to your other calendars, you can hide or completely remove it whenever you want.

Add this calendar.- The Google Calendar team

View your calendar.